You can help grow the North East Community Forest.

For every £5 you donate we will plant either:

  • a new sapling or whip size tree (30cm to 80cm tall)
  • hedgerow with in-hedge tree planting

A £100 donation would allow us to plant, in a street or green space:

  • a "standard" size (three to four metre tall) tree

Every donation also lets us access matched government funding, through the Trees for Climate programme. That then helps us to establish and maintain the trees.

Can I choose where you plant my trees?

You can chose for your donation to go towards anywhere in the forest area, or one of our six local authority areas.

However, we’re not able to match donations to specific trees or sites, or ‘tag’ trees with memorial plaques.

This is due to:

  • the need to identify areas most in need of trees
  • the scale of tree planting
  • not yet knowing every location for the upcoming tree planting season

Business donations

If you are donating as a business we recommend you donate at least £250.

In return we will:

  • send you a North East Community Forest supporter badge for your digital channels
  • share a note of thanks from us on our social channels
  • add your logo to our business donator supporter page on this website (once it goes live)

If you would like to talk to us about how we can your business and environmental goals, or a specific location, please: